So why wait till 25!!!

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Teenage is the most beautiful time in one’s life, so make it the most valuable time of life too.

What happens in teens?

During teens and adolescent years we are interested in our looks and acceptance from peers. But one should understand the very important benefits of learning life skills.

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What are life skills and why should we learn?

Life skills are nothing but how efficiently you manage your daily life. In Indian families when one starts a job or business, from the first month suddenly one realises how hard it is to manage so many aspects of being an adult like taking care of light bills, phone bills, groceries, taxes, maintenance of car, house, interpersonal relations, social commitments, job pressure, business tensions, peer pressure, job competitiveness and the list is endless. This is why we should be well equipped with at least those skills which we can learn early in life so that by the time we are on our career path we need to only concentrate on one or fewer responsibilities and other things can be managed swiftly and smoothly by us.

 Which life skills are necessary?

Both girls and boys can learn basic skills such as bringing vegetables, basic knowhow to cook, payments of electricity, phone, water, gas bills, how your family business works, how the house budgeting is done, how to keep social contacts, to learn basic repair of taps, assembling furniture, putting up shelves, painting, fixing bulbs or repairing small household items, learn to budget during festivals for decor, learn driving, swimming and meditating too. The parents should let the child give his opinion and have active participation in decision making too. Children should take the lead in house events such as making guest lists or making some special dish for them or if not interested in food, write a poem or sing a song or some activity and showcase your talent. The list is endless

What are the benefits of life skills?

It may seem frivolous to learn all life skills  but you surely must learn as much as you can because all this will make you a very strong person, a good decision maker, ability to cope with problems more critically and confidently, more creative in thinking, an effective communicator, better ability to cope with stress, smart at handling daily routines of house, better at coping with emotional situations, have good organisational skills and equally important you will have SELF CONFIDENCE that you are capable of doing it all. Once you are pro at this it will be easier to just focus on your career path when you start your job or business.

Crucial benefits of Life skills

The greatest benefit through all the learning is you may find your “PURPOSE” in life eg.. you may find cooking interesting and make it your career path or hospitality or organizing home or event managing or accountancy while doing the budgeting at home or you can be a great businessman realizing your skills at home or you may realize you are a great social influencer, a great communicator or some other talent like writing, designing, singing, painting, dancing etc to take up as your career option ahead. The list is again endless.

Why do you want to wait till you grow to be an adult struggling between many things when you have the chance of being proficient in almost all the necessary skills from home.

So why wait till 25!!!

Learn the skills when you are in your teens and spread your wings to fly above others.

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Have Mindful Thoughts!

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We involuntarily have stream of thoughts continuously in our mind. We have no control on the number of thoughts but we can control the quality of thoughts.

If in anyways we are going to have thoughts all the time, why feed our mind with negative thoughts?

Why do we have negative thoughts?

Most things are learnt due to the upbringing at home, school, peers, social experiences, stories about other people, learning through TV and other social media platforms etc. This creates a thought pattern in our mind and we unconsciously start thinking in a particular way all the time. It may be in a negative way or positive way.

There are ways where we can try to handle these thoughts so that we can change our approach towards any given situation and thereby increase our self confidence of tackling problems in life.

How thinking changes your emotions?

Example 1- It is useless getting extremely worried about exam results on the result day! You have done what you could do before writing the paper. It is fine to be anxious or excited about it but if this converts into negative thoughts like what if I fail? It is of no use now. Here we can deliberately try to think, I may just pass with border line this time. Just check the feeling you get thinking this way. There is an instant spurt of good feel inside us. This is what good thinking does.

 Example 2- If a child goes for picnic first time, the mom gets sudden negative thoughts. Will my child be safe? What if something happens to him? These are futile negative thoughts now. This type of thoughts should be instantly handled by thinking -let me try and make something good to eat when my child comes home. You will start preparing for the dish, right? .This way train your mind to get a good feel in it.

Example 3- when you are listening to sad songs, it automatically makes you sad about everything in your life unnecessary, same way if you listen to peppy songs you feel good.

I have given simple examples to change your thought process gradually so that it will be a permanent routine thinking pattern for your mind.

You will find a great difference in your personality very soon. Use your thoughts creatively and effectively to build up your personality. This will highly boost your self confidence too. Mostly we have futile thoughts which are of no use and are unnecessary.

Helpful tips to redirect our thoughts to mindful positive thinking.

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Switch on to good happy music. It surely elevates your mood and gives good feel within you.

Listen or read motivational or inspirational books, talk shows. It boosts your energy level to think positively and gives a sense of self confidence.

Cook something, Organize your home, clean your cupboard, play cards, play video games, go for a movie, chat different topics with friends. All these activities will keep you busy and distract from negative thoughts.

Exercise in gym with friends so that being alone will not take you to your own world of negative thoughts.

Learn new things music, painting, instruments, calligraphy, art, craft, drawing anything which interests you. This will largely keep you busy with your new hobby.

Take part in contests so you will get going with the preparations thereby distracting you to a better way.

Join a club Rotary or Lions club or Art club or any other whichever interests you or is nearby your place even that will keep you away from negative thoughts by doing their activities. It’s even a great place to make new friends, socialize and it may help in your business too.

Get a pet. It will keep you busy through out the day lessening your negative feeling.

There are numerous other ways, Sometimes you have to unlearn few things of past which are harmful mentally to you. You have to redirect thoughts if they are creating issues in present life. Come on, Tap your problematic areas now and start afresh.

Start with simple things step by step and you will see a sea of change in yourself eventually.

Have Mindful Thoughts!

Monetize what you are good at!

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This is to all women who are just happy to be at home thinking we are making our family happy. Unless you seriously have excuses to be a home maker, it’s not a good option. It’s better to realize earlier than later.

Most women are always happy to cook good food for their family, clean the kitchen and decorate and tidy their home. I am one of them. I am always super obsessed to organize, clean, cook and checkout my shining floor every day and keep it the same way in and out. I am that home maker who is satisfied and happy to see her family’s happy faces end of the day.

But one should realize if we are very good at a particular thing we should monetize our expertise in which ever field it may be.

To get respect and self confidence in the society you need to show you are worth a million dollar. While it doesn’t count how much money it is! It surely counts that you monetize from what you are really good at.

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  • Basically earning from your hobby, interests, talent, skills or any other expertise you have, will boost your self confidence to the next level.
  • People automatically respect you.
  • Your every suggestion/ opinion is well heard and taken into consideration.
  •  You are in a bigger social network which keeps you abreast with current happenings around.
  • It eventually makes you smarter.
  • You are praised for every effort taken at work and home.
  •  You get motivated to do better by the income you get.
  •  All your efforts are seen /noticed by others if you monetize what you do. Till the time they are not monetized every work you do is taken for granted.
  • Just the thought of extra income uplifts our mood.
  • Its always good to be a financial back support for your partner.

You will realize the effects once you start off. It doesn’t matter how much you earn. It matters how well you stand among the crowd!

Happy monetizing.

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Alone..But not lonely!

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We are full of zest in our youth in most part of our life, then comes a phase of rat race where we struggle to maintain our household, our marital life, our sanity and show off our best to the outside world. And even if we get pass through this phase balancing our life perfectly, we come to life’s fag end of old age.

Sometimes in all this circle of life we feel left alone. It may be because of any reason. It may be due to orphanage, divorce, separations, children going abroad or staying separate, or may be due to death of partner, or majorly old age.

Suddenly this being alone makes us feel sad about life, we feel worthless, we feel hatred towards our own self and ultimately we feel lonely in the same world where we were living a beautiful cheerful life few years ago. Till the time we cope with it with balance it is all fine .but down the years we really feel loneliness .It is this where we are scary about being in real sense lonely. It is not being alone but being lonely that we have to find solution for.We have to do something from now on to make our lives better and enriched for our own self and others too.

So let’s face it.

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Here are  few simple solutions which work in getting over with  loneliness. Every person should have a hobby, an interest in something he or she likes. It can be just anything one likes. This works so powerfully that even if nobody is around, one can spend hours together in it. The hobby can be anything such as painting, crocheting, sewing, writing, singing, acting or you might be interested in artwork, designing, gardening, writing books, blogs or making videos, film anything just anything which challenges your creative head to do more and the same time you are satisfied and too happy to do it. All these hobbies do not even need another person. They make you happy on their own. You don’t need anybody’s help as such. Few extra curricular hobbies like boxing chess, playing cards may need a partner unless you are happy playing it on your mobile. Haha.. Hobbies like cooking, making DIYs are also great way of spending time. They tickle your brain to its best of creativeness . A hobby such as travelling will also energise you every time you make a plan for it. Reading is another awesome way, not only to keep you busy but also increase your knowledge making you wise by the day. Many have tremendous interest in listening to old songs which is another great way to spend time specially in old age. Almost all above activities can be done by youngsters who feel lonely, however if you are old, few activities such as boxing or running can be replaced by shifting your focus to some new things or latest ideas.

All the above can be achieved only when you have  great health. That is balanced mind and body. We should keep ourselves healthy physically and mentally not for others but for ourselves. so that we are not burden on others in any case in our old age.

If we are perfect physically and mentally we will not need help of others to a great extent. We can be part of day today activities around us. To have a  healthy mind and body, is the most basic and very important part of getting old. Exercise daily, have a healthy diet, go for a walk, have energetic friend circle who are always happy about life.

Life doesn’t get over when you are in your old age.There are so many examples of successful people who made it big in later half. At the age of 78, Anna Moses was one of Americas great folk artist when she started painting American rural life. After 61 years of age Peter Mark Roget started writing book to organise words by definitions, which is called Thesaurus now. Wal-Mart was opened at the age of 44 by Sam Walton,The instant Ramen noodles which is a craze among students was developed by Momofuku Ando at age 48. Reid Hoffman founded LinkedIn at age 32 but made it public at age 42 and became a billionaire. Abraham Lincoln thought his political career was over at 40 but went to become president at 51. Henry ford founded Ford company in his 40s. Kathryn Joosten was 60 when she started acting in Desperate housewives. Karl Lagerfeld was 82 when he was head designer of Chanel and there are so many other inspiring stories out there.

You too can do so much still in your life to be happy. So get rejuvenated with something you love.

Be alone, but not lonely!!!

Girls.. Drive your own car!

Motivating women. 7 min read

This is especially for those girls who depend on their partners or husband or for that matter family for financial expenses and also for those who depend on others to make them happy. As an Indian daughter I depended on my father  and then my inlaws for money matters, Because that is how we are brought up. It is not our fault. It is the Indian culture where it is ok for a girl to not be financially independent even after marriage in a typical middle class family, But here it is I want all of you out there to change your perspective of bringing up your daughters. Make them independent  and make them realise that their life will be 100% complete, beautiful  and satisfying  if they are financially independent and on their own feet before marriage.

We as a woman   lose our self confidence ,self esteem  and land up being in kitchen ,bring up our kids, do daily chores etc. We don’t have a say to any of the important decisions in the house and most important even if we are intelligent, hard working  and capable of doing most things more better than our better half, we have the tag of being just a ” HOME MAKER”  just because we are not earning. Not only your husband but people in the society too do not look up to you as a worthy respected self made person. People take you for granted .we are taken for granted in every decision making , we always think monetarily for everything we have to purchase for ourselves. we also have to take permission for the smallest things to be bought or even  respect is hard to get for a homemaker.  When you depend on others for money you have to think beyond imagination before asking , why we want to spend it?. Is it for household, for kids, for paying bills? .We have to face awkwardness more over if it is from in laws. Your thinking ability changes  every time you deal with such situations.

 Being financially independent gives you much more than just money in your pocket. Money is just one part of happiness. Yes it gives control to take decision on your monetary expenses which can be as little as what to buy, when to buy ,how much to buy, whom to gift, what to gift, where to invest ,how much to invest, where  to spend, how much to spend and the list is endless. But it gives you much more than this, It gives you respect, it gives you POWER, it gives you SELF CONFIDENCE, it improves your SELF-ESTEEM, the very most important point according to me is it gives us SECURITY. It makes us feel secured safe and less anxious ,worried and tensed about how to handle situations. It also enhances our thinking abilities as we are not worried about the money part of any given problem.

The Indian brought up girls have off late started working however they still lack to be that strong pillar as a man does. We still have to balance with our Job, kids and kitchen work. And all the work needs equal concentration  ..  that’s a task men don’t realise!!! The shift for husbands doing 50-50 work will take some time to come,but the shift will only take place if all women will be on the march for financial freedom.

What ever it takes GIRLS, Be a financially independent self reliant person because as I said earlier It will make you a fuller complete person who you really are. And I feel,  kitchen work can be given to a house help when you have money in your pockets. You will be the Boss!  Responsibilities such as kids caring can be shared by husband , inlaws, family or even house help . Children only need us when they are kids, only in the initial growing years. later it is not hourly time that matters but qualitative time that counts. Even children when grown up like to flaunt of who their parents are and their status and what do they do and all. They don’t like to say their mom is a homemaker!!

Girls , it may be difficult for you to manage when you are newly married because in our culture even if we are working on a job or business we are supposed to take care of the kitchen,kids and household as a whole. But  I would suggest please sail through the tide patiently and do not leave the job or business .If necessary instead of quitting take a break and start again. A time will come when everything will fall in place and you will be the most happy to have sailed through tough times. Please do not give into temporary problems which may be real but not impossible to handle..In just few years you will know value of my words, the value of your decision, the value of money you have been earning , it will all bear fruits and you will be the master of your destiny. Your outlook towards life and solving its problems will also change considerably..

..A home maker gets deprived of all this because her world is family, neighbors, relatives and few close friends. The power in your hands of being independent is so strong, you will realise the value only when you have it! . Here, I am not trying to make you arrogant with others, I am trying to make you get financial freedom and not depend upon anybody whether its your parents husband or inlaws.. Always motivate yourself to earn, this way you will also socialise in the outside world  and know what good life is out there waiting for you to blossom.

So come on Girls… Drive your own car!.

what do you think? Is’not it very important to be one of the pillars in the house?

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